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Dream Land : The soft pearly white sand shore that stretches some 1 kilometer

A vast stretch of soft pearly white sand, with clear blue sky over the enchanting blue waters, and  the fascinating sounds of waves hitting the shores; no, this is not a set from a dream, this is where nature interprets your dream, this is Dreamland Beach, on the southern coast of Island of Bali Indonesia

The beach is mainly highlighted with the soft pearly white sand shore that stretches some 1 kilometer and is considerably cleaner than most beaches in Bali. As any beach at the Bukit Peninsula area, Dreamland is also decorated with beautiful rocky cliffs on its shore which radiate an enchanting atmosphere. The vast stretching shoreline also makes it a perfect place to bask under the tropical sun or to stroll along the indulging sands, or simply sit down and immerse oneself in the dream-like beauty of nature. As daylight slowly fades, the brilliant colors of sunset over dreamland’s horizon will surely confirm why this beach got its name. 

Dreamland is far from the crowded and vibrant atmosphere, Instead, the beach offers tranquility and much more exciting waves perfectly fit for advanced surfers. Among surfers, the waves at the coastline of the Bukit Peninsula undisputedly are legendary, and Dreamland Beach is no exception.

While you are there
For surfer, dreamland beach offer such a different experience, the beach features a break with longer left and a short right handers, “surfable” at low to dead low tide and works well when there is an average swell above 3 feets coming in. However, when the swell is over 7 feets, the waves tend to be unpredictable and close out. The soft, fat waves and deep water make it suitable for the professionals or those with some learning experience behind. 

How to get to Dreamland
Dreamland Beach can be reached  from Kuta-Legian area in about 30 minutes drive . From the capital Denpasar, it is roughly about an hour’s trip (depend on traffic). From Denpasar or Kuta, take the main south road (Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua) which is the only route to the south Bukit Peninsula area. Take this main road south to the junction with Jalan Uluwatu II (the famous McDonald's junction), turn west towards Jimbaran Bay, continue about 2 km and at the four road junction make a sharp left up the hill (signposted for Uluwatu). Follow the road up to Pecatu Village until the main entrance of the Pecatu Graha Resort comes in sight on the right. Enter the resort and follow the road sign directing to New Kuta Beach.

Where to stay
Although it was once a secluded shore with difficult access roads, today Dreamland forms part of the integrated Pecatu Graha Resort complex. The complex currently evolves into an elite resort where luxury hotels and other facilities are being built, offering world-class amenities and services. 

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Monday, 1 April 2013

Jakarta Travel : Pulau Tidung

Jembatan Cinta - Tidung Island
Pulau Tidung is about a 3-hour ride away from Muara Angke, the port in North Jakarta via a slower, wooden boat. this wooden boat depart from Muara Angke once a day at 7.00 am. 

Tidung island is part of thousand island districts which stretch approximately 45 kilometers into the Java Sea, these island only about 200-meter wide and 5 kilometers long, and is home for 4,000 locals. Tidung island itself is divided into two islands, The Pulau Tidung Besar (greater tidung island) and Pulau Tidung Kecil (smaller tidung island).  

The slim width of the land gives Tidung an interestingly unique shape. A sliver of an island, split by a single, small road; nothing to your left or right but beautiful stretches of sandy, white beaches and clear blue waters surrounding the entire coast of the island. Tidung waters are quite shallow, and almost over grown with coral reefs thriving just inches below the surface of the water. The reefs are in excellent condition and are teeming with a colourfull collection of tropical fish and exotic sea creatures. If you stop to think about it, it’s almost unbelievable considering Tidung is barely 30 kilometers off the Java mainland, and is technically part of Jakarta!
Tidung island is not as developed as some of the other islands in the district, meaning that it is less commercial and noticeably cheaper. Lodgings and amenities are found on the main island of Tidung Besar, these homestay offer travelers a simple, clean, and yet comfortable with affordable price. The smaller Tidung Island is for the most part, a breeding area for mangroves. The mangroves are planted once a year, and in time are destined to be part of a “mangrove tour.” Although small, Tidung Kecil proudly exhibits its own display of magnificent, deserted beaches coupled with lush vegetation and exotic flora. Tidung Kecil can still be explored by foot or wheel, though much of the path is overgrown with shrubs and greenery. For the more adventurous visitors, Tidung Kecil has also been used for camping since the building of the bridge.

How to get to Tidung Island
From Muara Angke Port by a wooden  boat with a capacity of 100 to 120 people, and takes about 3 hours ride. A Return Ticket costs about Rp. 60,000 to 70.000, -  Be there by 6.00 am  The ferry departs from Muara Angke to Tidung only once a day at 7.00 am, Alternatively, you can catch a speed boat from Ancol Marina Harbor, in which case Tidung would be just 1.5 hours away. 

Where to stay
Lodgings and amenities are found on the main island of Tidung Besar with affordable price, some of the lodgings already equipped with air conditioned.

make sure to bring to bring mosquito repellent, you can rent a bicycle to get around the island to experience the magnificent view of tidung island. the most popular attraction in tidung island is the jembatan cinta, if you have the balls try to jump from this bridge and experience flying.

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Mount Bromo

Rising from the guts of the ancient Tengger Caldera, Mount Bromo is one of three volcanoes to have emerged from a vast crater stretching 10 kilometers across.  Mount Bromo is part of The BromoTengger Semeru National Park which cover a gigantic area of 800 square kilometers in the center of east java is the largest volcanic region in the province

Mount Bromo advanture give travelers an experience of the remarkable Tengger Caldera, the steaming cone of Bromo stands in a sea of ashen, volcanic sand, surrounded by the towering cliffs of the crater’s edge. Travelers can view the beautiful scenery of a vast "ocean" above the horizon and the plumes of smoke coming from the Mount of Semeru,  an active volcano which rises 3676 meters above sea level, one of the largest volcano in Java.  
With its 10 km barren desert-like sea of sand, Mount Bromo surely is one of Indonesia`s most popular sites visited by travelers. Every year during the Hindu`s Festival of Yadnya Kasada many of the tenggerese travel up the mountain in order to make offerings of fruit, rice, vegetables, flowers and sacrifices of livestock to the mountain gods by throwing them into the caldera of the volcano.  

Mount Bromos Attraction
Take in the spectacular view of the sun rising over volcanic peaks with an early morning trip to Mt Bromo. From the lookout point at Penanjakan you will get picture perfect shots of a spectacular vista. Cross the desert on a pony, climb the steep stairs right up to Mt. Bromo’s crater rim, then watch the sun spectacularly rise over the horizon.  
Climb Mount Semeru, the highest peak in Java. This mountain, also known as the Great Mountain, is regarded by Hindus as the most sacred mountain of all. Getting to the peak is a tough three day trek. Mt Semeru is one of the most active volcanoes on Java and regularly explodes. These gases and belching lava make Semeru dangerous, so stay well away from the vent.
Witness local culture at its best when on the fourteenth day of the month Kasada, - usually in the month of November - the native people of the area, the Tenggerese, gather at the rim of Mount Bromo's active crater to present offerings of rice, fruit, vegetables, flowers, live stock and other local produce to the God of the Mountain. The Tenggerese are adherents of a religion which combines elements of Hinduism and Mahayana Buddhism. In this Kasada ceremony the Tenggerese ask for blessing from the supreme God, Sang Hyang Widi Wasa. 

How to get to Mount Bromo
Bromo Tengger Semeru can be reached by private vehicle and public transportation from Surabaya or Malang in East Java. Travelers can come from Probolinggo, in the north west Or take the north east route via Pasuruan. 


There are a number of guesthouses and basic hotels located around Mt Bromo. The Bromo Guest House is located at Ngadisari that lies 3 km from the crater rim. Or you can stay at Cemoro Lawang where there are guesthouses situated near the crater.

Most of the warungs (local food stalls) in this area close after 7.30 pm so be sure to eat early. If you’re in Wonokitri area, there are some warungs in Tosari market, which are usually open between 7-9 pm.

While you are there
  • Necessities for the trip include a torch, warm clothing, comfortable trekking shoes, and glove as a protection against the freezing temperature which hovers between zero to five degrees Celsius (33 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • If you buy or rent something remember to bargain.Sunrise occurs between 5.00 and 6.00 am (if it’s not cloudy), so you should leave from your hotel or guesthouse by 3am
  • The best time to see the sunrise is in the dry season from April to October.
  • Before you start trekking or climbing, be sure that you have already eaten, or bring some food and drink with you.

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Bali Travel : Kuta Beach

Sunset at Kuta Beach
Kuta the most accessible, lively and commercialized of Bali's southern beaches, is noted more for surfs than for swimming and more for parties than for sunbathing. the Kuta beach actually has been notable since early 1970s, once a sleepy village with a quiet, beautiful sweep of beach, Kuta has become a popular beach destination in Bali Indonesia. 

The Kuta beach offer a legendary magnificent view of beach sunset, warm tropical weather and locals hospitality. the most common travelers destination is the beach, travelers from all over the world visit the kuta beach for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. travelers also enjoy para sailing, banana boat trips or women offer traditional Indonesian massage on the beach.

Before sunsets, crowds rush to the beach waiting to watch Kuta’s legendary beach sunset. Then as darkness falls, Kuta’s nightlife starts to throb with loud music from bars and restaurants, while shops stay open till late at night. Kuta’s main attraction is that everyone can enjoy the town without any prescribed dress code. 

Get to Kuta 
Kuta is a mere 2 miles from Ngurah Rai International airport, but traffic can get heavy so allow plenty of leeway. There are plenty of taxis that can take you to the Kuta beach. You can rent these by the meter or by the hour. Taking your own car is not recommended as parking here is very tight. Renting a car or motorbike is very inexpensive if you use local firms. However, driving on the winding mountain roads and in the crowded beach areas can be exhausting. So, let someone else do the work: For little more than the insurance you'd have to pay for yourself, you can hire a driver as well.
Travel Tips
Kuta has the world's first Hard Rock Hotel. At its fringes are several palatial hotels that maintain beautiful gardens designed to incorporate typical local features, notably 'Balinese split gateways.' In addition, there are also plenty of simple, backpacker places.If you're a backpacker looking for cheap accommodation in Kuta, just go to Poppies Lane Alley, where you can pick your low-budget inns and restaurants
Indonesian food is healthy and delicious, and uses a tremendous variety of fruits and spices. Kuta restaurants can serve up just about any other international cuisine you crave and at surprisingly reasonable prices for relatively high quality cuisine, if you`re look for low-budget food, Warungs offering cheap food are within a 2 minute walk on Poppies Lane 1, so no need to get sucked into a beach side restaurant and high prices.

While you are there
Almost every evening there is a performance of Balinese -dance somewhere in Kuta. To know what is on just ask around. For cultural displays, it's difficult to beat the setting of Ubud's palaces and temples - much more appealing than seeing the same dances at a Kuta hotel. 

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Karimunjawa National Park

Karimunjawa National Park - Geleang Island

The Karimunjawa archipelago, located in the Java Sea, widely known as The Karimunjawa National Park these clustered island offer magnificent scenery for divers and travelers.

Karimunjawa is located in the north of the city of Semarang, Central Java, It takes approximately four to five hour to visit this typical Indonesian resort island from city of Semarang, that`s quite a long way down ahead but once you arrived you`ll be surrounded by pristine beach with touch of Indonesia`s natural beauty.

Karimunjawa is among one of the seven marine national parks in Indonesia, it has very rich biodiversity, As a marine national park, Karimunjawa is mixture of five different ecosystems and surely  attracts those who wish to take in its natural beauty and learn more about marine life. The biodiversity found in Karimunjawa is marvelous; among the most significant are the 44 different species of mangroves, 11 species of sea grass, 9 species of sea weed, and 444 species of fish. The coral itself has 176 different species that you likely want to see while snorkeling. Two protected biota species in Karimunjawa are the black coral (Antiphates sp.) and organ pipe coral (Tubipora musica). Others include the triton trumpet, the hornet helmet, and the pearly-chambered nautilus. Here are also hawksbill turtles, common green turtles, and on land are the red-breasted parakeet and other tropical bird species. 

Separated from the larger island of Java, Karimunjawa geographically located about 120 kilometers from the north coast of Semarang, its floats between the island of java and borneo (kalimantan) such a  distance forms a natural fence from physical degradation and has made it culturally resilient from modern influences. There are 27 islands in this national park, only 5 are inhabited by locals. Towns and villages are set on the island of Karimunjawa (the largest island), Kemujan, Nyamuk, Parang, and Genting. 

Karimunjawa - Corals reef
Island Attractions
Series of nature adventure available in front of travelers` eyes, magnificent view of coral reefs, tons of sea grass and seaweed next to the lush mangrove forest that splendidly reflect images on the rippling water surface. As the boat cuts across the still water in the morning, you will see the warmth of early sun rays fall on the lowland tropical forest on the coast. They look fantastic.

  1. Diving and Snorkeling is a definite activity you must do. The coral reefs are excellent to capture with your underwater camera. The fringing reefs are among those patch reefs and barrier reefs. The colorful fish glide in large groups above the black corals and organ pipe corals, the two protected biota in Karimunjawa.
  2. Trekking through the villages in Karimunjawa is an alternative. The locals are friendly as you can observe them working in the cultured sea grass patches. The track is not limited to this height, as Karimunjawa’s highest point is at 506 meters above sea level. Trekking through the forest and finding yourself gazing on the 27 islands dotting the Java Sea is an extraordinary experience.  On land, there are deer, long-tailed macaques, white-belly sea eagles, and various species of birds. Trekking could be very fulfilling and a great outdoor experience.
Karimunjawa - Corals reef
Where to stay in Karimunjawa
Resorts in Karimunjawa are typical Indonesia resort, some of the most notable resort are Kura-kura Resort and Karimunjawa Resort. The Menjangan Kecil Resort is found on Menjangan Kecil island. While the Barracuda Resort looks very popular with its lush tropical small forest and cottages among the rows of coconut trees. Best time to visit the Park is between April to October.

How to get to Karimunjawa
Karimunjawa itself has an airport in Kemujan Island, called the Dewadaru Airport. Small aircrafts land here although the flight schedule is still dominated by chartered flights from Semarang, Yogyakarta or Bali. Ferries serve the islands three times a week, either from Jepara or also Semarang, and speed boats are plenty and available on special request. tickets are vary starts from 45.000 IDR to 165.000 IDR.

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Jakarta Travel : Pari Island

"Pari Island is the island-clustered lagoon with excotic panoramic views and best explored by snorkeling or simply walking along the coasts of clean, white sandy beaches.”

Pari Island : The Hideaway in the Thousand IslandsPari Island is one of the many little spots of paradise, located near the Capital City of Indonesia, Jakarta, Pari Island is just a stone’s throw away from the bustling activity of the capital. This Island is quite different and quite unique from the most popular islands destination in the clustered island of Pulau Seribu (thousand island) such as Tidung Island or Bidadari Island, Although Pari Island not  popular as a tourist destination, for some group of people Pari Island is one of best fishing spots in Pulau Seribu (thousand island).
Pari Island offer you beautiful panoramic view, and if you looking for some tranquility and inner peace, Pari Island is the great place to visit. To catch a glimpse of this beautiful scenery you can take a walk along the island or swim to sense the warm water of the Pari Island, beneath this beautiful scenery island there are some beautiful corals. Another popular tourist destination in this island is Pantai Pasir Perawan  make your way here and experience  the warm white sand between your toes and sense how the sea breeze blows warmly and sends mild waves along the shores... its tranquilizing.

Some facilities you can find in this island are volleyball and soccer fields, also a bamboo shelter with seats, a rowboat for paddling along the coast, and rubber tubes to play with in the water. At sunset, enjoy ice-cold coconut water as the warm evening sea breeze caresses and refreshes you : a sure remedy for stress and a tired mind. Soft white sand, lovely breeze, calm waves and gentle ripples will all make you want to linger a little longer to more fully partake of the beauty of this beach.

Besides the beaches and underwater experiences, you can also learn about and participate in seaweed cultivation. At the southern tip and to the west lies the Indonesian Institute of Sciences’ Oceanographic Development Centre (LIPI, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia). Here you may plant mangrove or ketapang trees, or explore the LIPI-owned laboratory for underwater research and marine life such as sharks, rayfish, seaweed and other varieties of animal and plant species found in the waters of Pari Island and its surroundings. Seaweed is the main commodity that is successfully cultivated in the waters around Pari Island today.

Remember to bring mosquito repellent. There are regulations that prohibit garbage entering the island from outside. Visitors to Pari Island are required to take with them any garbage accumulated during their visit here!  So be sure to bring with you a garbage bag or bags large enough to hold any default garbage.

What`s on Pari Island :
Pari Island is not very large, to explore this remarkable island you may take about an hour or so. The road on the island is a neat and clean blend of rock and sand blocks. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors activity like fishing, photography and nature, or just a secluded, relaxing and quiet atmosphere, then Pari Island is the place for you. To get around, rent a bicycle from a vendor on the roadside for just  Rp.15,000 per hour  or Rp 30.000  for the day.

How to get to Pari Island :
From Jakarta to Pari Island in the Thousand Islands Archipelago, there are 3 ports of departure by sea to choose from :
  1. The shortest boat ride is from Muara Saban Cituis Port, Tangerang, with a travel time of approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours 
  2. The longest boat ride is from Muara Angke Port by a wooden fishing boat with a capacity of 100 to 120 people, and takes about 1 ½ or 2 hours of travel. A Return Ticket costs about Rp. 60,000 to 70.000, -  Be there by 6:00a.m. to catch the first boat.The address:Muara Angke Port, Mandala Bahari Street, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta. 
  3. There are only 2 departures from Marina Jaya,  Ancol - at  08.00am and 12 noon. And returns at 14.00pm from Pari island. Sea Leader Marine Luxury Yacht charter provides rental in the Thousand Islands’ Marine National Park. Contact his office at Marina Pier, Ancol. 

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